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Exciting new treatment to treat varicose veins.


The Vein Center at Maryland heart announces the arrival of Venaseal treatment. The VenaSeal closure system introduces a “glue” in the varicose vein to close the vein. Patient discomfort is minimal during the Venaseal procedure.

Venaseal System, FAQ

• How soon will my symptoms improve?
Refluxing varicose veins are the cause of leg symptoms. Following the closure of the vein significant relief is noticed immediately.

• When can I expect to return to normal activity?
The VenaSeal™ closure system reduces recovery time. You can return to normal activity immediately after the procedure.

• Am I going to feel pain during the procedure?
Most patients feel little, if any, pain during the outpatient procedure. The entire procedure requires one needle puncture with a tiny needle.

• Is there bruising after the procedure?
Most patients report little-to-no bruising after the VenaSeal closure system procedure.

• What happens to the VenaSeal™ Closure System adhesive?
Closure of the vein requires only a very small amount of VenaSeal adhesive (The Glue). The body absorbs the adhesive over time.

• What is the difference between the VenaSeal Closure System and other procedures?
Painless proprietary medical adhesive closes the varicose vein during the VenaSeal closure system. Thermal energy procedures use heat to close the vein. These procedures need Injection of anesthetic agent around the vein.

Advantages of the New Venaseal Procedure


Single stick- with the discomfort no greater than a standard blood draw.
Radiofrequency and Laser ablation treatments close a varicose vein, using many needle sticks. Venaseal procedure, needs only one stick to give the catheter access to the vein.

No discomfort during the procedure
Radiofrequency and Laser ablation use heat or lasers to close varicose veins. Many needle punctures during these procedures causes unnecessary pain and discomfort. VenaSeal uses only one needle puncture with a tiny for the entire procedure.

Reduced recovery time
VenaSeal patients can resume normal activities, the day following the procedure.

No compression socks
After treatment with VenaSeal, patients no longer required to wear compression stockings.

Please call us to schedule an appointment for a free consultation. We will be happy to discuss the benefits of the Venaseal procedure with you.

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