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Free Seminar For Heart Care

Maryland Heart Association holds monthly seminars in the office, lead by Dr. Susheel Sharma. Monthly seminars are free with the desire to empower patients to take initiative on reaching and maintaining optimal health through lifestyle modifications. Our seminars are informal and non-exclusive to ensure participants feel comfortable and open to learning and engaging in discussions.

The date and time of the next seminar are decided at the end of each seminar.


9/19/18 Seminar: Lifestyle Modification to Prevent Heart Attack and Stroke

Subtopics included stress management, healthy diet, quitting smoking, exercise, alcohol consumption, cholesterol and blood pressure control, and diabetes. In addition to discussions about healthy lifestyles with lowered salt, sugar, and saturated fat intake and daily exercise, participants practiced in a deep breathing exercise lead by Dr. Sharma. Participants were also encouraged to think about ways to reduce stress level including self-reflection, meditation, self-compassion, and volunteerism.

End of the seminar: Participants were encouraged to practice self-reflection, meditation, and deep breathing before the next meeting. Participants will share their experience at the next meeting, which will be focused on stress management and meditation.

10/3/18 Seminar: Six Strategies for Mind Transformation and Stress Reduction

Participants were presented with six techniques to manage physical and mental health. Stress management techniques include leisure and enjoyable activities, medication, breath control, self-compassion, self-reflection, and volunteerism. Participants also practiced deep breathing exercise guided by Dr. Sharma. Participants were encouraged to share their experience with practicing self-reflection, meditation, and deep breathing technique in the last month. Several participants gave positive feedback and experienced significant stress reduction by practicing the provided techniques.


11/7/18 Seminar: Keys to Heart Healthy Diet

Participants were presented with healthy ways to build a healthy diet by reducing salt, sugar, and saturated fat intake. Also, two diets were explored included the Mediterranean diet and the Whole Food Plant-based diet. Participants were also provided detailed visuals and descriptions of food portioning and servings to maintain a healthy body and feel energized without extra sugar, fat, and carbohydrate intake.

End of the seminar: Participants were provided 3 handouts that included descriptions on the Mediterranean diet, Whole Food Plant-based diet, and The Salty Six.


12/5/18 Seminar: Preventing heart attacks: Benefits of Meditation

Participants had the opportunity to practice two medication techniques: Breath Focus and Body Scan, each lead by Dr. Sharma with detailed instructions. Participants were encouraged to share their experience after completing each technique. Many participants expressed they felt more relaxed and at ease during and after each meditation.

End of the seminar: Participants were provided with a handout for instructions on Breath Focus and Body Scan meditation techniques.



Free Heart Seminar | Maryland Heart and Vein Center


Our next free Seminar for heart care is on April 03, 2019 at 4:30pm to discuss:
- Your Plate Portion
- Eating habits
- Healthy heart

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