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Liquid Sclerotherapy

Sclerotherapy is a relatively painless injection treatment for spider veins. Spider veins are enlarged small surface veins spread over thighs lower legs and ankles and can appear pink red or purple.

What Causes “Spider Veins” 

Predisposing factors for the development of spider veins include family history, pregnancy, hormones, weight gain, sedentary lifestyle, immobilization due to trauma and professions involving prolonged periods of standing.

How Does Sclerotherapy Work?  

Sclerotherapy is the injection of a sclerosant, through a tiny needle into the spider vein. At our vein center, only FDA approved agents such as Polidocanol, and sodium tetradecyl sulfate are utilizing. The sclerosing

Agent irritates the inner lining of the spider vein and results in the complete or partial disappearance of the veins color. Treated veins become lighter in color and eventually disappear over the course of time.

What Happens During The Procedure? 

It is an outpatient procedure in our office. A typical session lasts around 30- 60 minutes. No anesthetic agent is required. Patients experience minimal discomfort during the procedure. Mild burning pain is sometimes encountered. Patients resume your daily activities and continue a healthy lifestyle immediately after discharge.

What Are The Side Effects Of Sclerotherapy? 

Soon after the procedure redness and swelling appear. The veins may look darker during the healing phase. Throughout 6-8 weeks, they begin to get lighter. There may be mild soreness of the skin for a few days, especially after exercise, after the procedure. Occasionally brownish discoloration can occur at the site of injection. Throughout months, the brownish patches improve.

How Many Treatments Are Needed? 

The number of sessions is determined by the location size and extent of spider veins in the legs. Typically, if you have large veins involving both thigh and legs and ankles, you will need 5-6 sessions to entirely and efficiently treat all locations. The courses are spaced 2-6 weeks apart.

What Should You Expect After Treatment? 

 There is no downtime. You can walk immediately after the procedure, but it is important to not to exert or exercise for a day or 2. That treatment is not recommended but avoids strenuous exertion. You will be asked to wear compression stockings for two weeks after the treatment.

As you are predisposed to formation of varicose veins, new or recurrent varicose veins may develop in the future. Therefore, it may be advisable for you to wear light support stockings or tights to try to prevent the occurrence of further varicose veins

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